How to test the air quality in your home?

A rise in respiratory issues or allergies among your family without explanation could be a sign of low air quality. It is possible that the air you breathe can be impacted by chemicals from your cleaning products, cigarette smoke, or an unknown but potentially dangerous source. Mold, mildew or radon, which are hidden, can have a negative impact on your health. Airborne pathogens can be found in dust around the home. This could cause respiratory problems. It’s not necessary to wait until breathing issues occur to check your air quality. There are many ways to check the quality of your air at home. Find out how to choose the best co2 monitor in this site.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

They are very easy to use. You can plug in your detector into an electrical outlet once you have purchased it. It will detect changes in the carbon dioxide levels and sound an alarm. This device will help protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning, which can have a variety of side effects. These include nausea and heart racing to death. The device is one of the easiest methods to measure the air quality.

Radon Detection Tool

Radon may exist in your home in areas with high levels of earth uranium. You can purchase special kits online at very low prices. EPA recommends contacting a’state radon representative’ to get information on radon and the recommended contractors. Your state may provide you with free radon testing kits. You’ll need to place the opened kit somewhere it won’t get disturbed. After three days you will pack it and send it on its way.

Mold and Mildew Testing

In your basement, attic and behind walls you may see a lot of mildew or mold. Unfortunately, mold and mildew may already be widespread by the time it is discovered, and require expensive repair. The majority of home improvement retailers will have detection kits. This kit comes with a test petri dish, as well as instructions. Again, the lab will provide you with results. The lab test may cost you a certain amount depending on what brand of kit you purchased. You can test the quality of air in your house using most kits.

Dust Mites

Many homeowners are not concerned with dust mites. Sometimes, the number of mites is so high that it becomes a health hazard. In order to perform the test on dust mites, you will use a vial that you place your sample into. The vial of dust mite test will again be sent to a laboratory to get the test results.

You’ll know what to do once the tests are complete. If you catch any infestations, or toxins present before they can spread and cause serious problems for your health, you may be able to save a lot of money. When you receive positive test results, you will also be given specific instructions on how you can improve the air quality in your home and the overall health of you family.