The Turkey Point Hotel offers a tranquil and comfortable stay

Turkey Point Hotel, tucked away in the village of Turkey Point on Lake Erie’s north shore in Ontario Canada, promises to be a tranquil retreat for those who want to escape the bustle and noise of the city. You can stay at the Turkey Point Hotel it is the perfect place to relax, have a fun weekend away, go on an adventure outdoors, or enjoy a romantic evening.

Turkey Point Hotel, a historical Haven

Turkey Point Hotel dates back to 19th Century. The Turkey Point Hotel was originally built in 1835. For generations, the hotel has served as a fixture of the community. With its Victorian-style architecture, the hotel blends in seamlessly with nature. Stepping inside the hotel, you will be taken back in time to a timeless era where elegance is combined with modern comfort.

Cozy Accommodations

You can choose from a variety of comfortable accommodations. The hotel offers a range of accommodations, including quaint and spacious guest rooms. The rooms offer stunning views of Lake Erie and the charming village.

Tranquil Setting

Turkey Point Hotel has a unique location. The tranquil ambiance of the Turkey Point Hotel is enhanced by its lush surroundings and proximity to the Lake. Whether sipping on your coffee or strolling along the shoreline of the lake, the natural beauty is all around you.

Outdoor Adventures

Turkey Point, a place for those who love the outdoors is waiting to be discovered. Hiking and biking trails wind their way through the pristine forests, wetlands and provincial park. Birdwatchers are sure to enjoy the variety of bird species in the area, especially the iconic bald-eagle.

Lake Erie is a great place for boating, swimming and fishing. Turkey Point Hotel provides boat rentals to guests, allowing them to enjoy their water adventures. Ice fishing and skating are popular winter activities on the frozen lake.

Culinary Delights

It would be impossible to enjoy a stay at Turkey Point Hotel without sampling the delicious cuisine served at its on-site Restaurant. Dining at the hotel is an experience for your palate, with a variety of dishes prepared using locally-sourced products. The hotel’s culinary team is dedicated to creating memorable dining moments, no matter if you want fresh seafood, steaks with a kick, or vegetarian treats.

Warm Hospitality

Turkey Point Hotel’s warm hospitality is one of its most distinguishing features. Our staff will ensure that your visit is memorable and comfortable. The staff is ready to offer assistance, be it with recommendations of local attractions or planning activities.

Discovering the Environment

There are plenty of nearby attractions to enjoy. Turkey Point has a lively local community, quaint art galleries, and charming shops. The historic lighthouse offers panoramic views of Lake Erie.

Norfolk County offers wine tastings and wine tours for wine lovers. Its favorable climate and fertile soil make this region an ideal place for grape growing, leading to some excellent Ontario wine.

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Staying at Turkey Point Hotel will allow you to rejuvenate and unwind in an environment that is rich with history. You can also create unforgettable memories. The charming Turkey Point Hotel on the Lake Erie shores welcomes guests with open arms, and offers a peaceful escape. Take your luggage, forget your worries, and travel to Turkey Point Hotel to experience an unforgettable stay.

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